Full frontal view of the completed forgery.  Please compare with prototype.    (Disney lawyers please click here.)  The atrociously jolly facade of Small After All World took on a very different feel at night.  Isolated in the nocturnal limbo of the playa, dimly illuminated, and relentlessly looping the theme song even in the wee hours of the morning, the effect was both otherworldly and morally wrong.   Back to Small After All Pix


(from notice posted outside installation)

Many will compare this clock tower to the one found in the Small World ride in Disneyland. Indeed the entire façade an internationalist cityscape cynically engineered to approximate a childlike vision of global  unity may strike the average viewer as a slavish imitation of the tourist attraction. But in fact, the  resemblance is strictly coincidental, nothing more than the unconscious reproduction of childhood memories  typical of many Southern Californians. Back to Small After All Pix