May 12
Alien Landing Party (UFO flyover hoax and landing site rituals, publicized at UFO convention)

July 14
Diamond Jubilee Dada (Music, spoken word, performance art celebrating 75th anniversary of the opening of Cabaret Voltaire)

July 27
Spreading the Word (Poetry disguised as religious tracts distributed in wake of the annual Hare Krishna parade on Venice Beach)

Aug. 11
Urban Drum Rites & Videofire Rituals (Participatory drumming, exhibit off percussive machines, performance, projections, at Zero One Gallery)

Sept. 22
Venice Beach Fracture Party ("High-fashion orthopedics" booth on Venice boardwalk offering "image-enhancing" plaster bandages)

Oct. 16 Mass Transit Poetry (Ongoing open reading series on Blueline train between Los Angeles and Long Beach, through 1991-92)

Dec. 14 Eleven Shopping Days till the End of Civilization (Mud-caked urban primitives go Christmas shopping on Rodeo drive)

Dec. 21 Winter Solstice Human Barbecue (Annual purging ritual, involving the creation and burning of human effigies. Continues throughout 91-95)

Dec. 27 Laundromat Poetry (Ongoing open reading series in various Laundromats. Continues through 1991-92)


Jan. 11 GI Joe Atrocity Exhibit (Grisly war toy assemblage, created and presented as gift to organizers of annual GI Joe Collectors Convention)

Feb. 14 Valentine's Day Massacre (Spoken word, music, and "lover's boxing matches")

March 2 Fun with Mudcraft (Set up booth on Venice boardwalk extolling the virtues of the lowly mudpie. Demonstrations & giveaways.)

Aug. 1 Christmas Rises from the Grave (Unseasonable celebration featuring music, performance, and pyrotechnics)

Oct. 24 Chicken with a Charge Card (Poultry released in local mall by fictitious anti-capitalist terrorist
Nov. 21 Save Money! Die Early! (Absurdist protest march down Venice Boardwalk)

Dec. 11 Dumpster Diving & Rebel Elf Workshop (Holiday gifts are created from materials scavenged from dumpsters)

Dec. 18 Klownz Against Kommerce (Scruffy clowns interact with pedestrians in downtown financial districts)


Jan. 21 Joey Cheezhee Show with Korla Pandit and friends (Vintage lounge show in a roller-ring, featuring Korla Pandit, 1950ís TV personality & "guru of the exotic organ")

Jan. 29 Cannibal Buffet (Construction of "human birthday cake" in honor of Francis Picabia)

March 6 Traveling Art Car Show (Caravan-style show of one dozen cars decorated by artists from Southern California, the Bay Area, & Portland)

May 1 Postal Potluck (Ongoing mail-art exchange)

July 17 Shopping Post Apocalypse (Shoppers in charred "post-apocalyptic garb" intrude upon the sanitized tourist fantasy of Universal Citywalk)

Aug. 13-14 Taboo Island (Unscripted theater piece transforming a white-walled coffeehouse into a cluttered late 50's tiki-lounge through props, music, films & performance both onstage and between characters planted in audience)

Sept. 4-6 Burning Man Festival 1993 (LA Cacophony contributes a satiric play culminating in the incineration of a 10-foot "Burning Baby")

Sept. 18 Walking Hollywood Trash (Indigenous grunge-fashions created by participants adhering litter from Hollywood Blvd. to their clothing)

Nov. 2 Dia de Los Muertos Figure Drawing Workshop (Over 200 forensic body-outlines chalked over three blocks of Los Feliz sidewalk)

Nov. 21 30th Anniversary J.F.K. Assassins Reunion (Political provocation, featuring musical conspiracy theories, communist bear-wrestling, & farcical forensic displays)

Dec. 3 Art While-U-Wait (Satiric assembly-line production of "art" made to order at the "Downtown Lives" festival)

Dec. 19 Shopping with the Bears (Guerrilla theater in a mall with costumed woodland creatures)


Feb. 24 Graffiti Housewarming (Open invitation to contribute to wall-to-wall graffiti murals in Cacophony home-base)

April 1 Miracle of the Bleeding Cross (Good Friday "miracle" service featuring life-sized crucifix producing simulated blood)

May 1 Hey Kowboy, Stop Fiddlin with the Klowns Banjo! (Guerrilla clowning at the Topanga Fiddle and Banjo Festival)

May 22 Automotive Art Orgy (Participants gather to ornament their cars with paint and various detritus)

June 12 UFO Expo West Sperm Bank Prank (Prank fliers distributed at UFO expo soliciting human semen for genetic research)

Sept. 2-4 Burning Ma Festival 1994 (LA Cacophony contributes "Spontaneous Combustion Theater." Six life-size pyrotechnic clown effigies detonated with musical accompaniment)

Oct. 28-29 Museum of Mental Decay (Walk through tour featuring assemblage, performance, recordings, projections, performer/visitors interaction)

Dec. 17 Bazaar of Bad Taste (Exhibit and sale of pop-culture kitsch and themed performances)


March 27 Klownz at the Academy Awards (Guerrilla clowning at the entrance to the Oscars)

March 26 Mistress Dante's Inferno (Reading with question/answer session by New York filmmaker and dominatrix Melanie Dante)

April 16 Klown Krucifixion (Traditional passion play performed entirely by clowns)

April 20 Art Car Oasis (Stopover exhibit of a dozen artist-decorated cars en route to the Orange Show Mayday parade in Houston)

April 29 Walpurgis Nacht (Traditional pagan May Day rites re-interpreted)

Sept. 1-3 Burning Man Festival 1995 (LA Cacophony contributes "Toyland." Oversized toys rigged with pyrotechnics detonated with accompanying sound collage.)

Nov. 18 Dada Multiplex (Multiple projections of found footage on a single screen create chance montage)

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