Like the unsightly weeds that dot our lawns every spring, a new Starbucks is popping up in our own backyard. Feelings within Cacophony are mixed; is this coffee shop a simple nuisance, not worth the time of day, or an abomination from hell to be tormented without mercy? Like so many escalating world conflicts this one has no good solution. Never ones to make up our minds, well be playing both sides of the fence today at the Grand Opening. If, like many of us, you feel that this tentacle of the great Starbuck has to be beaten back, then come out and protest with full vigor. On the other hand, if protesting a Starbucks doesn't sound like your idea of biting social satire then come out and protest the protesters for their cheapening of the name of Cacophony. Express your views however you see fit, be it with placards, clown suits, flyers, general bad behavior, or the giant bloody fetus picture you stole from the pro-life rally. Confrontation solves problems, everyone knows that. So come down and help mend this schism with aggressive head-to-head protesting. Let's get ready to ruuuuuumble!
Pastor Clod radiantly endorses  the  winning side.
Even the incorrigibly drooling Mr. Outer Space
"fits in" at Starbucks!
Don't look for these shirts at Starbucks. 
They just can't seem to keep enough in stock.
All Cacophony events must come to an end.
Usually the same way.
 Photos by Lisa Johnson
(all rights reserved)
Starbucks online video