Saturday, Oct. 28, 8 pm - midnight
There are still survivors of 1994s and 1997's Museum of Mental Decay who can relate tales of dodging fireballs, tripping on chocolate-smeared bodies, slogging through curtains of beef tongue, and being pissed on by cartoon dogs.  Notorious as the vortex of mind-bending chaos and the occasion of at least one psychotic break (testimony furnished on request), The Museum of Mental Decay is now back by popular demand.  Cacophonist perpetrators have turned their minds inside out in search of materials of an extreme and psychologically repellent nature, creating more than a dozen living tableaus of psychic aberration from worm-eaten holiday memories to the phobias you woke up with this morning. Experience implant flashbacks, flirtatious sideshow freaks, geriatric masochists, militaria collectors on ether, dumpster-dwelling hair merchants, Super Acne Man, automated necrophilia, and other displays banned from Knott's Scary Farm.  Laugh when you shouldn't, keep your head low, don't breathe too deeply, and empty your bladder before entering.

Info:(213) 694-2478,
Where:The Smell, 247 South Main (between Second and Third).  Enter in REAR; entrance not visible from street.  Park in lot next door (may have to enter lot through alley).
Cost:$7, $5 before 10 p.m.
Note:Museum visitors will enter in small groups.  While waiting your turn, you can enjoy ghastly documentary footage provided by The Museum of Death and the ominous rumblings of DJ Prickle.  While costumes are welcome, this is not a costume party.  Large and expensive costumes may prove a liability whileo negotiating the dark sticky corridors of the Museum.  This is an all-ages venue with no bar, but this event is not suitable for minors.